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Recommended Items

Panda Garden (with panda and beautiful landscape)

Panda Garden is one of the most characteristic scenic spots in Bifeng Gorge Scenic Spot, covering an area of 1,074 mu. There are totally more than 60 giant pandas. It integrates multiple functions of scientific research, breading and tourism as a whole. The well-known pandas “Tuantuan and “Yuanyuan” presented to Taiwan , Yangguang” and “Tiantian” presented to UK “, “Wujie” and “Hubao” presented to Singapore and many famous overseas pandas “Huamei”, “Taishan”, “Fulong” once lived here.

Tianlong Lingyun——White Dragon Pool Waterfall (dragon coming out of the sea, impressive landscape)

Tianlong Lingyun is also called “White Dragon Pool Waterfall”. It is the most spectacular waterfall in Bifeng Gorge Scenic Spot. It is about 30m high and 10m wide, which pours down and splashes all over the sky just like a white dragon flying; the sound of waterfall shakes the gorge, just like a white dragon coming out of the sea. Leaning against the railing to overlook, the waterfall pours down in 9 cascades successively, which looks like a white huge dragon dropping from the sky, presenting a spectacular landscape.

Beast Feeding (a different breathtaking experience)

Beast Feeding is one of the most breathtaking and exciting experiences in Bifeng Gorge Safari Park. There are many cage-free beasts such as lion, tiger and black bear in the beast feeding zone. At the moment of entering the zone, you can experience the primitive and wild feeling, you can stretch out the pork shashlik prepared by the breeder from the feeding mouth and you can be separated by window to take a close look at the instant of the beats robbing food such as Manchurian tiger, African lion and bear. What a breathtaking and exciting scene.

Harmonious Homeland (Harmonious co-existence of human, cute pet and nature)

Harmonious Homeland is the first animal polyculture area in Bifeng Gorge Safari Park. There are multiple tame animals such as alpaca (grass mud horse) which is called mythical creature, sika deer, swan, donkey argali and fallow Deer, they shuttle back and forth leisurely in the crowd, play with and interact with the visitors, forming a beautiful scenery of close and harmonious co-existence of human, animal and nature. It brings you infinite joy.